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PSA: White Guys


"I’ve never been with a black girl bef-"


"You know I only date black gir-"


"Do you fuck white du-"


"Caramel hersheys syrup mcdonalds mocha chocolate chip bran muffin nubian african jungle quee-"



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Miss Africa USA 2014 contestants

" The Miss Africa USA Pageant is grooming a new generation of African women leaders to impact their communities in Africa, America and the rest of the world.

The Pageant enables  African  girls in America to shine the spotlight on Africa, tell their stories to the world,  inspire one another, build self esteem, and feel beautiful inside and out. This pageant is like no other, the delegates are very intelligent young women from some of the most respected educational institutions in North America, with careers spanning from the Sciences to the Arts, some in Medical School or Pharmacy School, others are upcoming Journalists or Human Rights Activists and more. “

To vote and find out more visit:

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David Beckham and his sons get GOLD slimed after he accepts the 2014 KCS GOLDEN blimp!

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I’m not sure what the black girl selfie party is, but I’m loving it

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fuck you but fuck me first

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Anonymous asked: If you sell your body and have sex with complete random strangers, why the hell do you deserve respect? You don't respect yourself enough to not have sex with everyone. Why should I respect you and your work?



oh magic conch shell, what is wrong with a woman having sex with as many partners as she wants?


oh magic conch shell, what is wrong with a woman wanting to receive money in exchange for sex?


oh magic conch shell, could it maybe be that this bitch ass anon is threatened by women doing what they want with their bodies instead of what society has conditioned them to do?




Kawashima Kotori 川島小鳥 - Mirai-chan 未来ちゃん

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I remember watching a lecture by Nikki Giovanni and this was around the summer when there were shark attacks happening on the east cost around Florida I think. She mentioned that she chuckled when she hears about the shark attacks, because what folks don’t know is that sharks were not indigenous so the southeast US. They ended up migrating there from west Africa from following the salve ships because there was so much blood and death in the water, they were eating the remains and ended up in the southeast part of the US.

Sharks swam from west Africa to the America’s feasting off the bodies of dead Africans, and 500 years later the descendants of those sharks were attacking folks who lived in those areas. 

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